Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos #12

While looking through the Nashville, TN real estate listings on the MLS, I come across some rather peculiar photos. They reveal some unusual lifestyles and inexplicable design choices that are normally hidden from view. Thankfully, the well-compensated, professional real estate agents think that somehow these photos will help their listings sell, so they make them available for the world to see. Therefore, we have the pleasure of enjoying our weekly installment of Nashville’s most Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos:


Great in-law suite in the back yard!


There’s something a little funny looking about a one-legged table. Do you call it a unitable?


With a shower curtain like this, would we expect anything less than a wooden toilet seat?


We’ve always considered them to be our deerly loved guardian angels, watching over us while we sleep. 


So this house is designed primarily for people under three feet tall. In case you are wondering, you get in by lifting up the hinged roof.


Here’s another view of the same house, confirming that it does in fact have the shortest walls ever.