Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos #13

While looking through the Nashville, TN real estate listings on the MLS, I come across some rather peculiar photos. They reveal some unusual lifestyles and inexplicable design choices that are normally hidden from view. Thankfully, the well-compensated, professional real estate agents think that somehow these photos will help their listings sell, so they make them available for the world to see. Therefore, we have the pleasure of enjoying our weekly installment of Nashville’s most Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos:


Our realtor recommended that we repaint the living room walls. We opted for a different strategy: covering the walls with as much stuff as possible. It worked!


Then papa shed said to his son,”Time is flying by. You’ve shot up to 640 cubic feet, and I have a receding roofline. But I can’t complain, life is good.”


Good to know that the lighthouse gift shop has shower curtains available.


Yes, this pillow just wants you to know that it is “Faithfully* YOURS.” Whether you battle dandruff, hair loss, or even lice, it will be there through thick and thin, “Faithfully* YOURS.”


I love the way they are using the sewer pipes as a stair railing. But it does emit an unpleasant odor from time to time!